Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Halloween and whatnot :)

So, Halloween has always been my favorite holiday. Christmas and it have become tied now. Bc I love how nice and cheerful everyone is around Christmas. But, I posted some of my breast cancer manicures here are some Halloween nails I've done the last week or two.

Did this polish Sunday night because all last week I watched the Friday the 13th movies on AMC...hence my accent finger ;)
I used basic white polish for the base. Then I did the paint splatter effect [see tutorial here ] - I'm not too good at the paint splatter..but oh well. To darken my accent nail to look like Jason's dirty mask I put OPI 'you dont know Jacques' on a plastic lid and added 2 drops of nail polish thinner to it. It makes it really then and I used a flarred out paintbrush to brush brown over the white to give it the dirty look. The black was done with a dotting tool. & I used a Sinful Colors red detail brush for the stripes. :) I'm please with how it turned out.

Now, on to the next manis :)
These 2 polishes are custom polishes I had made by my friend, Bree, of Mrs. P's Nail Potions. I had them made just for me. She can make you custom polishes too :) Or she may have enough supplies of to make you these are well :)

 This polish is 'terror nights' over Color Club 'worth the risque' :)
This polish is 'static' over China Glaze 'flying dragon' :)
You can purchase Bree's polishes in her store, here . Bree's polishes are awesome, you won't regret it!
These next manis are using the 'spun sugar' technique. You can see how to here :) That's the link I used.
 I just used Sally Hansen Xtreme wear for the black and white. Any kind of polish will work
Then I decided to add ornage polish on top of those! :)
My next mani started out as just a black and white 'ruffian' mani..
I used Sally Hansen Xtreme 'black out' & Essie 'orange, of course'
but thennnn...I turned it into pumpkins :)
I think it turned out pretty cute :))
Next are some I did while watching scary movies on AMC :)
These are just Wet N Wild and Sinful Colors, cheap polishes for the candy corn :)
Then I topped it with 'Terror Nights' from Mrs. P's Nail Potions (link posted above)
Next is a simple, non scary mani.
I used 2 coats of Essie 'orange, of course'..a coat of Cover Band 'sticks n stone's [which can be purchased here ] & then I topped it with a coat of OPI 'guy meets gal-veston.
 This is Nicole by OPI 'it's all about the glam' - a shimmer white make it opaque I had to use 4 coats, but it's gorgeous and well worth it. To see a really great swatch of it, you can click here :) for the accent nail I put 2 coats of Mrs. P's Nail Potions 'hella holo' [purchase this beauty here ] Hella Holo is definately one of my favorite glitters ever.
BUT THENNNN I wanted to Halloween this mani up...soo..
Added 'blood' in China Glaze 'ruby pumps' & topped my accent nail with the 'terror nights' glitter I have used in above post. How snazzy is this?? :) I just love this red glitter too.

Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Delusional Polish!!

Got some new goodies in the mail this week and they're some beauties :)
All the polishes in this blog can be purchased here :)
My lovely friend Jen made these bad boys and I'm so in love with the ones I received.
They went on easily and were not clumpy and chunky like some other indie polishes I have tried.
Enjoy! :)

this, my pretties is 'BLISS''s a GORGEOUS mix of reds, purples, small red bar glitters and silver bar glitters.
I have it on top of Color Club 'fashion addict'. Perfect mix and I received so many compliments on this today and it looks AMAZING in sunlight! :)
this is how pretty it is without the base coat :)

another shot. sooo pretty :)
tried to blur the pic to get some of the glitter to show...but iphone's dont like to blur, it kept readjusting lol. But you can still see some of the sparkly goodness :)
THIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIS wonderful thing is 'COSMO' :) I topped it over Kleancolor 'pastel pink'.
It's a gorgeous pink with small purple & silver hex glitters, medium pink hexes, & hot pink bars glitters.
blurred the pic so you can see the pretty glitters.
look at how pretty (: ...eeee :))))
this fun glitter is called 'PARTY SCENE'.
It has medium purple hex holo glitter, medium turquoise hex glitter and copper bar glitter.
It reminds me of money..which you gotta spend lots of when you go out on the town. ;)
This went on's so fun! I can't wait to try over different colors.
without the flash. The colors are still so pretty :))

packed full of all the glitters. So pretty :))
*And lasssssssssssst, but DEFINITELY not least...
ahhh myyy goshhh I am in love with this blue. I love the shimmer, I love the glitter..I love everything. I put it over a thin coat of Essie 'bikini so teeny'
How gorgeous is this?! <3
eeeee - so gorgeous! not to loud either...perfect :)

no flash...still fabulous :)

look at that shimmer :)
Okay, hope this entry helped you make your decision to go buy some of these goodies :)
once again..her shop can be visited here - go buy these beauties and all of her other wonderful polishes. You won't regret it! :)

Friday, October 12, 2012

Been a while!

Hey ladies! Sorry I've been so busy the past few months and having been posting. I plan to get back on this.
I've been focusing on easier posting, & my instagram @bridgeNailArt :)
Please go like my facebook page & follow me on instagram :)
Anyway, I'm gonna catch you up on some designs/polishes I've used the last few months.
It's gonna be long...lots of pics, going newest manis to oldest, my opinions on the formulas & I'll include links to purchase these lovelies!!!
These are my quick Halloween nails I did today..I've been doing Breast Cancer Awareness nails for the last week, so I did these. I used a no nail order and detail brushes..the glitters are Cover Band 'Sticks n Stones' [you can buy here ] then I topped it with Daring Digits 'Trick or Treat'..which can be purchased here --- here entire store is increddddible! :) ]
*Below are a few of the Breast Cancer Awareness nails I have been doing lately <3 Hope you have been showing your support as well!
This is Kleancolor 'baby pink' //ribbon was done with a Sinful Colors detail brush//glitter is Essie 'a cut above' :)
This is China Glaze 'flying dragon'//pink Sinful Colors detail brush//glitter is F4 Polish 'Pink Cadillac' which can be purchased  here & their store is one of my faves. Amazings glitters!!
This is Sally Hansen 'black out' topped with F4 'Pink Cadillac' [purchase it here ] stripes and a breast cancer awareness ribbon on the accent nail. One of my fave BCA manis so far! :)
Sally Hansen 'Black Out' & Kleancolor 'neon pink' <3 Simple but I love it. This was the day before I broke a nail and had to cut my nails down..:(
Below are the 2 manis I did the week of my new nephew being born, a couple weeks ago :)
Essie 'Bikini So Teeny' for base..& China Glaze 'Blue Years Eve' & CG 'Dorothy Who?' for the dots :)
Essie 'Bikini So Teeny' & cheetah print with China Glaze 'Dorothy Who' for accent nail
Below is some new Color Club holo polishes I ordered off for an amazing $3.10 each! :)
This is Color Club 'Revvvolution' :)
Color Club 'Revvvolution' and Color Club 'worth the risque' for the dots :)
 This beauty is Essie 'play date' topped with F4 polish 'Firefly' :) F4's store has been posted earlier, but here it is again here :) great coverages and gorgeous! :))

This lovely is Essie 'Bikini So Teeny' topped with Kunimitsu 'Feed My Cookie Monster' :) lovvve this beautiful glitter...LOVVVVVEEE it! You can purchase Jennifer's beauties here :)

 This lovely is by my wonderful friend Felicia..this is Nail Sauce 'Gluttony' topped over Orly 'fancy fuchsia' <3 how beautiful is this?! Felicia's website is here , or you can contact her on instagram - @feliifel. She is so sweet and makes some AMAZINGGGG polishes!!!
 This lovely is Julep 'Penelope' with OPI 'Crown Me Already' on the accent nail. Penelope can be purchased at :)
 Thiiiiiiiiiiiis lovely glitter is made by my fabulous friend Bree, it's Mrs. P's Nail Potions 'Plenty of Fish in the Sea' :) [her blog is] & you can buy some of her awesome polishes here -- The blue is Sally Hansen is 'blew me away' & I just did stripes over it all <3
ANOTHER beauty by Bree :) accent nail is Mrs. P's Nail Potion's 'Hella Holo' isn't it beautiful!? This pic doesn't do it justice! Go see her shop here ! The pink is China Glaze 'purple panic' & the purple is Essie 'play date'

This is a jelly sandwich I did with the base Essie 'lilacism', Pretty & Polished 'Hello Dolly' & topped with OPI 'my pointe exactly' -- you can check out one of Chelsea's many shops here <3 Her polishes are insanely amazing and apply easily!! No complaint with any that I have!

Another beauty from Pretty & Polished :) This is beautiful, right?! I love love love this polish! Go check her store out!

& this will end the timeline..because it's my anniversary & I have to get ready for dinner and a haunted house with my man! :)) This beautiful silver and black loveliness is 'Disco Fever' by 'Polished by KPT' <3 She had a competition on instagram to name this beauty and I won and received this and 2 other lovelies as a prize! :) Applies amazing and I got soooo many compliments when wearing this!!! <3 soo pretty! Her website to buy this and her other beautiful polishes is - go shop!
Hope you enjoyed this ladies!! :)