Monday, December 17, 2012

Jindie Nails Christmas polishes :)

Well, one of my lonnnng time wants were these 3 beautiful polishes by Jen // Jindie Nails. She has suuuuuch gorgeous polishes guys. GORGEOUS! I am for sure buying more after she opens her shop back up. :)
These are 'Grinch', 'Kiss Me Under The Mistletoe', & 'Candy Cane'

'Candy Cane' is a fabulous white based polishe with tiny red and green hex glitters and large red hex glitters. This literally SCREAMS Christmas. This will be what I wear for Christmas :)

macro shot. Look how gorgeous :) love love lovvvve.

This beautiful red jelly is 'Kiss Me Under the Mistletoe.' I honestly couldn't capture it's insane fabulousness. So classy. :)
macro shot. This is 2 coats. Tiny green and gold glitters, medium round gold glitters, medium green, red, and gold glitters, and large red glitters. [This is going off what I's hard to tell with a red jelly base :) -- it's gorgeous none-the-less]
This...tha..tha...tha..THE 'GRINCH' <3 Named for my favorite movie..even when it's not Christmas time. I have about 20 pairs Grinch pjs, pj pants, t shirts, beanies, socks, stuffed animals, ornaments, etc. So I HAD to have this polish. It's fabulous!! :)

2 Coats. Grinchy green base..tiny red and white square glitters, red and white bar glitters, larger red and white square glitters, and there is also a few red hearts thrown in there! :))) Love Love Love!!
These polishes are gorgeous and apply wonderfully! You NEED some of Jen's beauties!
If you are interested in buying some of Jen's beauties after her shop reopens, the link is here.
Since she is on vacation you can click to be notified when she reopens :)
Her username on Instagram is @Jindienails.
Her facebook page is
& Her twitter is @Jindienails.

Polish Addict polishes review :)

Well! Today I received some fantastic goodies today!! I received Polish Addict [by Laura Sanchez] 'Laffy Taffy', 'Burn Book', 'Holo Christmas Lights', 'Winter Mint', some AMAZING cuticle oil--the smell is 'Caribbean Coconut' <3, some loose gold flakes and loose small green stars :)
What amazing nail mail! :)
This lovely white base with glitter polish is called 'Burn Book'. White polishes with glitters are super popular right now! She did amazing. Red, black, and white are honestly my favorite color combo. My room is decorated those 3 colors!

macro shot of this. random black, red, & white well as silver square glitters. This is 2 coats. And fabulous! :) This is to be released in her upcoming collection being released January 3rd, 2013 :)

This heavenly beauty is called 'Laffy Taffy'! It's a glittery pink base with all different colors of different shaped glitters. AHHH. LOVVVVE this! So girly! PERFECT!

macro shot. look at this. breath taking..isn't it?? the small glitters are teals, yellows, purples, oranges,  medium multicolored glitters, and large square and round teal, pink, and purple glitters. JUST a big fabulous mix of everything. This is only 2 coats. AH. look at that shimmer. <3

This pretty thing is 'Winter Mint'..this is 3 coats. It would be great over a pale green or blue as well. It has chunks of iridescent flakies. So pretty!

tiny hex and square iridescent glitters. faaaaabuloussss!!
And THIS fun glitter is 'Holo Christmas Lights' <3 over OPI 'Happy Anniversary'
A fantastic mix of small multi colored glitter..yellows, blues, reds, greens, & oranges. Theres also tiny holo glitters in the base. Soooo beautiful. Put this over green polish and instant Christmas Tree!
If you're interested in purchasing any of these amazing polishes, or her heavenlyyyyyy cuticle oil, which is avaliable in so many different smells you can go to it here. It's amazing and my cuticles already look healthier and smell so so good!
To follow Laura on instagram, her name is @polish_addict_34
Follow her on twitter: @polishaddict34
& go like her facebook page!

I Love NP brand

If you want an indie polish that is the whole package, then look no further! I Love Nail Polish brand is just that! GORRRRGEOUS polishes, amazing application, no slip grip handles on the brush, and a wider than average brush, & they come in a gorgeous peek-a-boo box!! Enjoy!
Barbra sent me to review, 'Matthew Peri', 'Babes in Toyland', 'Berry Sweet' & 'Up To Snow Good' :)
First up, is 'Matthew Peri' over Ulta's 'Bam-Blue-Zled'..I did it without a flash and with flash to show the pretty silver and blue glitters..this is a beauty..& I LOVE the name. Big MP fan ;)

Here's a macro shot of this beautiful glitter. steel blue and silver medium hex glitters, along with small silver and holo glitters. Her glitters apply so great and I didn't even need a top coat! WIN!

Next up is 'Up To Snow Good' over Sally Hansen 'Air' ---this glitter is faaaaabbbbuuuulousss. I love the mix and this would look great over black as well :)

Lovely mix of tiny iridescent glitters, small white glitters, medium white hex glitters, medium teal square glitters. Such a pretty glitter!
THIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIS lovely mix of beautiful glitters is 'Babes in Toyland' over Wet n Wild Megalast 'On a Trip' --- such a fun glitter! Reminds me of Mardi Gras! :)
This mix has small and medium gold hex glitters, small hex pink glitters, medium green hex glitters, medium teal square glitters. SOOOO PRETTY! :) Smooth application, like the others. This was 2 coats, just to show the good mix! One coat would've been enough though! Ah :) So pretty! :)
ANNNNND LAST we have 'Berry Sweet' over OPI 'Shorts Story' --- this was my favorite. Such a girly mix; love love love LOVVVVE!  
Macro shot..look at that shiny and how smooth it is..this is, once again, with NO topcoat folks. <3 tiny purple and pink glitters, square pink and purple glitters. Gorgeous, just gorgeous!
If you're interest in ANY of these pretties, plus check out all of Barbra's other lovelies, you can see them here.
To follow Barbra on instagram, her name is @ilnpbrand
and be sure to like her facebook page --
I'm about to, hopefully, post 2 more blog post on some indie polishes. :) I wanna get these done before Christmas---I'm going home to be with my family <3

Sunday, December 16, 2012

Frankenstine Polish-Star Wars collection

I wanted to do a blog on some FABULOUS indie polishes I have received lately. :) Frankenstine Polish...and a couple lovelies from Delusional Polish :)
First up are a few beauties from the wonderful Christine of Frankenstine Polish, her Star Wars collection

L to R: Yoda, Darth Vadar, Stormtrooper, & R2D2
First pics are of 'Yoda'..a gorgeous shimmery pale green polish with tiny green glitters and white bar glitter. I used 2 coats for the pics, it was pretty with just one coat though. It applied like a dream!
 It went on smoothly and I didn't have to fish for any of the glitters. This is Yoda, perfectly :)
Next pics are of 'Darth Vadar' -- this brown beauty has holo glitter & I wiiiish I could have capture the beautiful holo effect it has. I used 2 coats for these pictures, but one coat was a gorgeous sheer brown holo, which I loved :)
In the collage I have a macro shot & an off focus shot to try and show the rainbowed holo effect :)
This pretty glitter is 'Stormtrooper' :) [I layered it over China Glaze 'Frostbite']
It's a mix of small square white glitters, large hex white glitters, and medium black hex glitters :) beautiful!
& lastly, my favorite of the collection, 'R2D2' <3 [I put it over China Glaze 'Elephant Walk']
'R2D2' is a beeeeeeeeeeeautiful mix of tiny red and blue glitters, small white square glitters and large blue hex glitters. ahhh :) It's so pretty! This would make a great patriotic glitter as well! :)
If you are interested in purchasing any of Christine's beautiful polishes-from this collection or her other amazing polishes (she has Back to the Future, ET, Darkwing Duck, Michael Jackson, and many other inspired polishes!) visit her facebook page: here.
Last off --- This polish was sent to me by my friend, Jenn of Delusional Polish...and I haaaad to show it off :) she sent me this as a surprise and named it 'BRIDGE' :)))) Look how pretty!!! & it has a great holo effect!
 I applied one coat over Essie 'Splash of Grenadine' ---- wish I could show the amazingness of this glitter :)) Thanks Jenn!
& This pretty glitter is Delusional Polish 'Who Stole Xmas?' over Essie 'Mojito Madness'
If you wanna order any Christmas glitters, have a custom made, or check out Jenn's other beauties, visit her shop here.

Lush Lacquer Christmas Glitters :)

Had to do a blog over these gorgeous Lush Lacquer glitters from their Christmas Collection
 I have received are 4 lovelies from them.
I received 'Tree-mendous', 'Santa Baby', 'Ho Ho Ho Holidays', & 'Winter Blues'

First up, I swatched 'tree-mendous' over China Glaze 'Glittering Garland'
So gorgeous! It's like a Christmas tree on my nails! Complete with the star for the top of the tree!
macro shot, just to amplify the beautifulness!
Next is 'ho ho holidays'
[this was before I trimmed my nails up, hence the length since the previous pic :) ]
'Ho Ho Holidays' over China Glaze 'Paper Chasing' -- this is the ultimate 'Christmassy' glitter! tinnnny white glitters, small red square glitters, small green hex glitters, medium red and white hex glitters, & large red glitters. This screams Christmas!
macro shot to show the glitter varieties. :)
This glitter was one of my favorites. Although, they're all so pretty!!
This is 'Winter Blues' over China Glaze 'Blue Years Eve'(which I show a macro of as well)
This pretty glitter is full of tiny white and blue [metallic] glitters, medium white and metallic blue glitters and medium blue bar word --- AMAZING! :)
this is just a macro shot to show how gorgeous 'blue years eve'...look at that shimmer :)
macro shot of this amazing glitter <3
and lastly, this is 'Santa Baby' over China Glaze 'Elephant Walk'
this is exactly what it would look like if you jacked Santa's suit and shredded it up and made a glitter polish out of it :)
beautiful mix of tiny white and red glitters, medium red and white hex glitters, medium white and red square glitters, and large black hex glitters. love love love :)

If you are interested in purchasing any of these beauties, or any of the others from their Christmas collections...or their many other beautiful can check out their store here. :)

Saturday, November 10, 2012

Already Ready for Christmas.


    Halloween is over && it's November now. I always bypass decorating for Thanksgiving and shoot right at Christmas manis.

I'm trying to withstand it...for a couple weeks anyway. Next week, the Christmas manis will be seeping out. Fair warning haha.
Right now, I'm just wearing 'Cherubic' by Color Club, from their new Halo Hues line.
If you haven't bought these holographic are missing OUTTTTT. They are soooo holographic, even without sunlight or a flash on your camera. I just stare at them all day long!
The Color Club website has them for $10, but I ordered these at for $6.95!

I bought all but the green since I have a Nubar holo polish that looks really I'm not a green polish person. :) Except at Christmas ;)
This is what I'm currently wearing...this was snapped with no flash, just under the desk lamp...look at that holo goodness! This holo's name is 'Cherubic' :)

This beautiful mani is Color Club's 'Harp on it' and the amazing glitter on top of it is Delusional Polish's 'Jester'. It's a beautful bright blue glitters with big hex black glitters and tiny reds and blacks thrown in there. I lovvvvvvvve it, especially over holo polish. Go check out her store here. Jenn just came out with her Christmas collection-so check those out too! [Her instagram name is @delusionalpolish]
Hope everyone voted Tuesday - whatever side you were on. I did these with my friend Ryan for some twin nails Monday :)


I am dyyyyyyyyyyying to get some of the Jindie polishes...but her store is on vacation at the moment so when it opens - it's on!!! lol. But I have snagged some pretties so far..

Kelley, with Paper Hearts Productions asked me to swatch a couple polishes from her new Holiday Line :)) I chose [left] 'Tinsel Toe' & [right] '12:01' --- she is trying to get 100 followers so go like her facebook page: // her instagram name is @paperheartnails. Cant wait to try these out! :)))
WARNING: The below polishes are soooo festive!!! You have been warned :)
I picked 4 polishes out the many gorgeous polishes of Lush Lacquers Christmas Collection...They're all gorgeous, but these 4 I HAD to have :)

Top Left: Ho Ho Holidays is the epitome of Christmas glitter..topped over anything, it is gorgeous
Top Right: Santa Baby..just looking at it, I see Santa's suit! :)
Bottom Left: Winter, yes please! over white, blue, black..this color is perfect!
&&&& Bottom Right: Tree-mendous...these ladies have managed to put a Christmas tree in a bottle. How gorgeous is that? Looking at it you can see the green of the tree, the beautiful colored ornaments, and of course, the legendary star for the top of the tree :)
Fabulous! Can't wait to get these bad boys!
One other thing --- I am trying to get 300 likes on my facebook page by the first Saturday in December. When/if I do - I will be picking TWO winners from my fans to receive Christmas polish goodies in the mail! So go like my page and spread the word!
Have a fabulous weekend and a great Veteran's Day!