Friday, October 12, 2012

Been a while!

Hey ladies! Sorry I've been so busy the past few months and having been posting. I plan to get back on this.
I've been focusing on easier posting, & my instagram @bridgeNailArt :)
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Anyway, I'm gonna catch you up on some designs/polishes I've used the last few months.
It's gonna be long...lots of pics, going newest manis to oldest, my opinions on the formulas & I'll include links to purchase these lovelies!!!
These are my quick Halloween nails I did today..I've been doing Breast Cancer Awareness nails for the last week, so I did these. I used a no nail order and detail brushes..the glitters are Cover Band 'Sticks n Stones' [you can buy here ] then I topped it with Daring Digits 'Trick or Treat'..which can be purchased here --- here entire store is increddddible! :) ]
*Below are a few of the Breast Cancer Awareness nails I have been doing lately <3 Hope you have been showing your support as well!
This is Kleancolor 'baby pink' //ribbon was done with a Sinful Colors detail brush//glitter is Essie 'a cut above' :)
This is China Glaze 'flying dragon'//pink Sinful Colors detail brush//glitter is F4 Polish 'Pink Cadillac' which can be purchased  here & their store is one of my faves. Amazings glitters!!
This is Sally Hansen 'black out' topped with F4 'Pink Cadillac' [purchase it here ] stripes and a breast cancer awareness ribbon on the accent nail. One of my fave BCA manis so far! :)
Sally Hansen 'Black Out' & Kleancolor 'neon pink' <3 Simple but I love it. This was the day before I broke a nail and had to cut my nails down..:(
Below are the 2 manis I did the week of my new nephew being born, a couple weeks ago :)
Essie 'Bikini So Teeny' for base..& China Glaze 'Blue Years Eve' & CG 'Dorothy Who?' for the dots :)
Essie 'Bikini So Teeny' & cheetah print with China Glaze 'Dorothy Who' for accent nail
Below is some new Color Club holo polishes I ordered off for an amazing $3.10 each! :)
This is Color Club 'Revvvolution' :)
Color Club 'Revvvolution' and Color Club 'worth the risque' for the dots :)
 This beauty is Essie 'play date' topped with F4 polish 'Firefly' :) F4's store has been posted earlier, but here it is again here :) great coverages and gorgeous! :))

This lovely is Essie 'Bikini So Teeny' topped with Kunimitsu 'Feed My Cookie Monster' :) lovvve this beautiful glitter...LOVVVVVEEE it! You can purchase Jennifer's beauties here :)

 This lovely is by my wonderful friend Felicia..this is Nail Sauce 'Gluttony' topped over Orly 'fancy fuchsia' <3 how beautiful is this?! Felicia's website is here , or you can contact her on instagram - @feliifel. She is so sweet and makes some AMAZINGGGG polishes!!!
 This lovely is Julep 'Penelope' with OPI 'Crown Me Already' on the accent nail. Penelope can be purchased at :)
 Thiiiiiiiiiiiis lovely glitter is made by my fabulous friend Bree, it's Mrs. P's Nail Potions 'Plenty of Fish in the Sea' :) [her blog is] & you can buy some of her awesome polishes here -- The blue is Sally Hansen is 'blew me away' & I just did stripes over it all <3
ANOTHER beauty by Bree :) accent nail is Mrs. P's Nail Potion's 'Hella Holo' isn't it beautiful!? This pic doesn't do it justice! Go see her shop here ! The pink is China Glaze 'purple panic' & the purple is Essie 'play date'

This is a jelly sandwich I did with the base Essie 'lilacism', Pretty & Polished 'Hello Dolly' & topped with OPI 'my pointe exactly' -- you can check out one of Chelsea's many shops here <3 Her polishes are insanely amazing and apply easily!! No complaint with any that I have!

Another beauty from Pretty & Polished :) This is beautiful, right?! I love love love this polish! Go check her store out!

& this will end the timeline..because it's my anniversary & I have to get ready for dinner and a haunted house with my man! :)) This beautiful silver and black loveliness is 'Disco Fever' by 'Polished by KPT' <3 She had a competition on instagram to name this beauty and I won and received this and 2 other lovelies as a prize! :) Applies amazing and I got soooo many compliments when wearing this!!! <3 soo pretty! Her website to buy this and her other beautiful polishes is - go shop!
Hope you enjoyed this ladies!! :) 


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