Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Delusional Polish!!

Got some new goodies in the mail this week and they're some beauties :)
All the polishes in this blog can be purchased here :)
My lovely friend Jen made these bad boys and I'm so in love with the ones I received.
They went on easily and were not clumpy and chunky like some other indie polishes I have tried.
Enjoy! :)

this, my pretties is 'BLISS'..it's a GORGEOUS mix of reds, purples, small red bar glitters and silver bar glitters.
I have it on top of Color Club 'fashion addict'. Perfect mix and I received so many compliments on this today and it looks AMAZING in sunlight! :)
this is how pretty it is without the base coat :)

another shot. sooo pretty :)
tried to blur the pic to get some of the glitter to show...but iphone's dont like to blur, it kept readjusting lol. But you can still see some of the sparkly goodness :)
THIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIS wonderful thing is 'COSMO' :) I topped it over Kleancolor 'pastel pink'.
It's a gorgeous pink with small purple & silver hex glitters, medium pink hexes, & hot pink bars glitters.
blurred the pic so you can see the pretty glitters.
look at how pretty (: ...eeee :))))
this fun glitter is called 'PARTY SCENE'.
It has medium purple hex holo glitter, medium turquoise hex glitter and copper bar glitter.
It reminds me of money..which you gotta spend lots of when you go out on the town. ;)
This went on great..it's so fun! I can't wait to try over different colors.
without the flash. The colors are still so pretty :))

packed full of all the glitters. So pretty :))
*And lasssssssssssst, but DEFINITELY not least...
ahhh myyy goshhh I am in love with this blue. I love the shimmer, I love the glitter..I love everything. I put it over a thin coat of Essie 'bikini so teeny'
How gorgeous is this?! <3
eeeee - so gorgeous! not to loud either...perfect :)

no flash...still fabulous :)

look at that shimmer :)
Okay, hope this entry helped you make your decision to go buy some of these goodies :)
once again..her shop can be visited here - go buy these beauties and all of her other wonderful polishes. You won't regret it! :)


  1. Great!!!!
    Your post gave me a motivation cause I am also managing a nail art blog. So I think that would be great if we be a friend and communicate each other. Thx and have a nice day! :)

    1. sounds great! if you have instagram my name is @BridgeNailArt!