Monday, March 19, 2012

Holo Love :)

    Hey guys!

    I've been wanting some holo polishes so bad the past few months. I can't find any locally so, thanks to my nail polish pen pals, I finally got some! :))

     The first I got was from a polish pen pal in the UK,Emma, it was Nubar 'Reclaim.' I've had my eye on Nubar holo polishes for months..I'm so excited to finally get one. You can see her blog here. :)

               ^^^ taken inside with iphone flash^^^

                       ^^^^ Natural Light ^^^^

                       ^^^^ Natural Light^^^^


       The other holo's I got were from another polish pal, from Rhode Island. Both were Color Club holo, the purple is 'Wild at Heart' & the other is 'Fashion Addict.' They're both so beautiful I just don't know which one I like more <3

          Left: 'Fashion Addict' & Right: 'Wild at Heart'

                         ^^^ 'Wild at Heart'^^^
This is with flash. It's been rainy lately & I can't get one outside with sunlight :(

                 and here is the other awesome one :)

                       ^^^ 'Fashion Addict' ^^^
   This is also just with the flash from my iphone..stupid rainy days.

There are 2 more Color Club holos I have my eye on & ordered this weekend, so I hope to get them soon. 'Worth the Risque' and 'Revvolution.' I'll swatch them when I do :)

Hope this made you love holos, if you didn't already :)

If you are interested in the Color Clubs, they are avaliable here. :]


  1. Those are fantastic Bridge!! And I've been eyeing the Nubar holos for months as well but something always gets in my way :( But I do have the Color Club Fashion Addict coming to me very soon and I've super duper uber excited about that!!!!! Good Blog girlee :)

    1. you will LOVE it :] Thanks girl! I'm at work and about to read up on your blog! :)))

  2. Nubar Reclaim is defo one of my fav holo polishes,glad you like it :-) x

  3. Wow at all these gorgeous polishes!! Thanks so much for sharing!