Wednesday, March 21, 2012


     Last week, I took advantage of the buy 3, get 3 free offer.

     I ordered Kiki, Lael, Zara, Julieanne, Chloe, and Lotus. 4 out of my 6 were shades of purple. It was unintentional, because I've never been a purple person..Zoya just has so many beautiful colors to pick from..the purples are gorgous.

    Today, when I got off at my 1st job, I tried out "Lael." It's VERY messy application, for me anyways. It's a beautiful deep purple, more of a color for winter, but lovely nonetheless :) It was semi patchy and took 2 coats to not just look like I had grape jelly rubbed on my nails. :)

    Below are the pictures of "Lael" my room only. It's still very stormy here so I can't get a good natural light picture.

^^ Under a desk lamp^^

^^ iPhone flash^^

^flash while outside^

      After I painted my nails, I decided to try out the Fleck Effects polish, "Chloe"..a gorgeous pink base flakies jelly.

^^ Natural Light (cloudy day)^^

^^ with flash, outside^^

        I'm not sure how I feel about the flecks on the purple..I guess maybe I don't like the orange and green against the dark purple base.

        I'm going to swatch the other 4 colors I have left when I get off work in a little, as well as a couple polishes I picked up the other day from ULTA :] 'I Don't Give a Rotterdam" and "Pedal Faster Suzi". I also picked up "Marshmallow" by Essie, but it's a white so there's nothing worth blogging about on it :) And I also picked up OPI's "Stranger Tides", but I want to wait to use it until I can snag up Dollish Polish's "Zombie Flesh" - it's a murky light green with black 'spots' lol. I can't wait to swatch and show you it. Super cool color. :) My Dollish order should be coming in this week - STOKED! :)

Happy nailing! <3


  1. You picked some awesome colors! I can't wait to see the rest of the swatches.

  2. I love the combo with the flecks. So pretty!

  3. oooo super lush! and loving the blog very pretty :-)

  4. never tried Zoya, think i'll invest in some :-)

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    1. Wow I LOVE that purple! Excited to see the rest!

      Ooops thought I made a mistake!