Sunday, December 16, 2012

Lush Lacquer Christmas Glitters :)

Had to do a blog over these gorgeous Lush Lacquer glitters from their Christmas Collection
 I have received are 4 lovelies from them.
I received 'Tree-mendous', 'Santa Baby', 'Ho Ho Ho Holidays', & 'Winter Blues'

First up, I swatched 'tree-mendous' over China Glaze 'Glittering Garland'
So gorgeous! It's like a Christmas tree on my nails! Complete with the star for the top of the tree!
macro shot, just to amplify the beautifulness!
Next is 'ho ho holidays'
[this was before I trimmed my nails up, hence the length since the previous pic :) ]
'Ho Ho Holidays' over China Glaze 'Paper Chasing' -- this is the ultimate 'Christmassy' glitter! tinnnny white glitters, small red square glitters, small green hex glitters, medium red and white hex glitters, & large red glitters. This screams Christmas!
macro shot to show the glitter varieties. :)
This glitter was one of my favorites. Although, they're all so pretty!!
This is 'Winter Blues' over China Glaze 'Blue Years Eve'(which I show a macro of as well)
This pretty glitter is full of tiny white and blue [metallic] glitters, medium white and metallic blue glitters and medium blue bar word --- AMAZING! :)
this is just a macro shot to show how gorgeous 'blue years eve'...look at that shimmer :)
macro shot of this amazing glitter <3
and lastly, this is 'Santa Baby' over China Glaze 'Elephant Walk'
this is exactly what it would look like if you jacked Santa's suit and shredded it up and made a glitter polish out of it :)
beautiful mix of tiny white and red glitters, medium red and white hex glitters, medium white and red square glitters, and large black hex glitters. love love love :)

If you are interested in purchasing any of these beauties, or any of the others from their Christmas collections...or their many other beautiful can check out their store here. :)

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