Monday, December 17, 2012

Jindie Nails Christmas polishes :)

Well, one of my lonnnng time wants were these 3 beautiful polishes by Jen // Jindie Nails. She has suuuuuch gorgeous polishes guys. GORGEOUS! I am for sure buying more after she opens her shop back up. :)
These are 'Grinch', 'Kiss Me Under The Mistletoe', & 'Candy Cane'

'Candy Cane' is a fabulous white based polishe with tiny red and green hex glitters and large red hex glitters. This literally SCREAMS Christmas. This will be what I wear for Christmas :)

macro shot. Look how gorgeous :) love love lovvvve.

This beautiful red jelly is 'Kiss Me Under the Mistletoe.' I honestly couldn't capture it's insane fabulousness. So classy. :)
macro shot. This is 2 coats. Tiny green and gold glitters, medium round gold glitters, medium green, red, and gold glitters, and large red glitters. [This is going off what I's hard to tell with a red jelly base :) -- it's gorgeous none-the-less]
This...tha..tha...tha..THE 'GRINCH' <3 Named for my favorite movie..even when it's not Christmas time. I have about 20 pairs Grinch pjs, pj pants, t shirts, beanies, socks, stuffed animals, ornaments, etc. So I HAD to have this polish. It's fabulous!! :)

2 Coats. Grinchy green base..tiny red and white square glitters, red and white bar glitters, larger red and white square glitters, and there is also a few red hearts thrown in there! :))) Love Love Love!!
These polishes are gorgeous and apply wonderfully! You NEED some of Jen's beauties!
If you are interested in buying some of Jen's beauties after her shop reopens, the link is here.
Since she is on vacation you can click to be notified when she reopens :)
Her username on Instagram is @Jindienails.
Her facebook page is
& Her twitter is @Jindienails.


  1. I bought Candy Cane a while back and I LOVE it! I actually did some Grinch nail art over it last week on my blog, Candy Cane was the perfect canvas.