Monday, December 17, 2012

I Love NP brand

If you want an indie polish that is the whole package, then look no further! I Love Nail Polish brand is just that! GORRRRGEOUS polishes, amazing application, no slip grip handles on the brush, and a wider than average brush, & they come in a gorgeous peek-a-boo box!! Enjoy!
Barbra sent me to review, 'Matthew Peri', 'Babes in Toyland', 'Berry Sweet' & 'Up To Snow Good' :)
First up, is 'Matthew Peri' over Ulta's 'Bam-Blue-Zled'..I did it without a flash and with flash to show the pretty silver and blue glitters..this is a beauty..& I LOVE the name. Big MP fan ;)

Here's a macro shot of this beautiful glitter. steel blue and silver medium hex glitters, along with small silver and holo glitters. Her glitters apply so great and I didn't even need a top coat! WIN!

Next up is 'Up To Snow Good' over Sally Hansen 'Air' ---this glitter is faaaaabbbbuuuulousss. I love the mix and this would look great over black as well :)

Lovely mix of tiny iridescent glitters, small white glitters, medium white hex glitters, medium teal square glitters. Such a pretty glitter!
THIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIS lovely mix of beautiful glitters is 'Babes in Toyland' over Wet n Wild Megalast 'On a Trip' --- such a fun glitter! Reminds me of Mardi Gras! :)
This mix has small and medium gold hex glitters, small hex pink glitters, medium green hex glitters, medium teal square glitters. SOOOO PRETTY! :) Smooth application, like the others. This was 2 coats, just to show the good mix! One coat would've been enough though! Ah :) So pretty! :)
ANNNNND LAST we have 'Berry Sweet' over OPI 'Shorts Story' --- this was my favorite. Such a girly mix; love love love LOVVVVE!  
Macro shot..look at that shiny and how smooth it is..this is, once again, with NO topcoat folks. <3 tiny purple and pink glitters, square pink and purple glitters. Gorgeous, just gorgeous!
If you're interest in ANY of these pretties, plus check out all of Barbra's other lovelies, you can see them here.
To follow Barbra on instagram, her name is @ilnpbrand
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I'm about to, hopefully, post 2 more blog post on some indie polishes. :) I wanna get these done before Christmas---I'm going home to be with my family <3

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