Sunday, December 16, 2012

Frankenstine Polish-Star Wars collection

I wanted to do a blog on some FABULOUS indie polishes I have received lately. :) Frankenstine Polish...and a couple lovelies from Delusional Polish :)
First up are a few beauties from the wonderful Christine of Frankenstine Polish, her Star Wars collection

L to R: Yoda, Darth Vadar, Stormtrooper, & R2D2
First pics are of 'Yoda'..a gorgeous shimmery pale green polish with tiny green glitters and white bar glitter. I used 2 coats for the pics, it was pretty with just one coat though. It applied like a dream!
 It went on smoothly and I didn't have to fish for any of the glitters. This is Yoda, perfectly :)
Next pics are of 'Darth Vadar' -- this brown beauty has holo glitter & I wiiiish I could have capture the beautiful holo effect it has. I used 2 coats for these pictures, but one coat was a gorgeous sheer brown holo, which I loved :)
In the collage I have a macro shot & an off focus shot to try and show the rainbowed holo effect :)
This pretty glitter is 'Stormtrooper' :) [I layered it over China Glaze 'Frostbite']
It's a mix of small square white glitters, large hex white glitters, and medium black hex glitters :) beautiful!
& lastly, my favorite of the collection, 'R2D2' <3 [I put it over China Glaze 'Elephant Walk']
'R2D2' is a beeeeeeeeeeeautiful mix of tiny red and blue glitters, small white square glitters and large blue hex glitters. ahhh :) It's so pretty! This would make a great patriotic glitter as well! :)
If you are interested in purchasing any of Christine's beautiful polishes-from this collection or her other amazing polishes (she has Back to the Future, ET, Darkwing Duck, Michael Jackson, and many other inspired polishes!) visit her facebook page: here.
Last off --- This polish was sent to me by my friend, Jenn of Delusional Polish...and I haaaad to show it off :) she sent me this as a surprise and named it 'BRIDGE' :)))) Look how pretty!!! & it has a great holo effect!
 I applied one coat over Essie 'Splash of Grenadine' ---- wish I could show the amazingness of this glitter :)) Thanks Jenn!
& This pretty glitter is Delusional Polish 'Who Stole Xmas?' over Essie 'Mojito Madness'
If you wanna order any Christmas glitters, have a custom made, or check out Jenn's other beauties, visit her shop here.

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